Becky/Becca/whatever the hell you want to call me (righteousdreams) wrote in futuremusicians,
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Just thought I'd post.


I just came across this community when I did a search for musicians. Because I am a future musician, I thought I might join.

I am fifteen, and in 10th grade. I go to a private school in Maryland. Not much to say there.

I play the piano. I have been playing for thirteen years. I am an advanced student, but I plan to be a classical pianist, eventually. However, I have mixed pleasures. I am also a singer. I am in my school's chorus, and I am taking singing lessons at the Garrett Music Academy.

I run the risk of sounding snobbish, so shoot me if I do. (figuratively, of course :p )

Hope to hear from others on this community soon!

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